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Of all the cases she has handled, about 100 women have ended up back in prostitution. She lives in a city far from her birthplace with her 12-year-old son, whom she says is the only source of joy in her life.

The Museum does not warrant that the use of materials displayed on this site will not infringe on the rights of third parties, such as artists or artists’ heirs holding the rights to these works. © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, unless otherwise noted. Use of text and images in which VMFA holds the copyright is permitted, with attribution, under the terms and conditions of a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC). Eva returned to Albania for a while but decided to go back to Belgium and work again in the sex trade. This allows her to send money back to her family, who think she is a care worker for an elderly couple.

Being born or raised in a country that is not that of your parents brings numerous benefits. 22 December 2016 Updated country policy and information notes on sexual orientation and gender identity.

If they moved here for a better life from the one they had, then it would make no sense to keep the same oppressive ideologies that burdened them and place that shit onto you. Mash’Allah, I consider myself very lucky to have my parents because they get it. When I was younger, my parents had a more “fresh-off-the-boat” mentality, or were more “Albanian,” as some might call it. This sort of upbringing created a lot of tension and distance with my parents. I disagreed with a lot of the things they did, said, and believed.

One of Hine’s objectives in his Ellis Island project was to document the appearance of immigrants in the United States. Nativistic accounts in the popular press featured abhorrent depictions of disease-ridden, deformed, and degenerate arrivals.

In contrast, Hines attempted to cast these new immigrants as contemporary versions of 17th-century Pilgrims. The young woman dressed in Old World clothing sits calmly before the photographer, belying the commotion around her. “At times the Island looked like a costume ball with the multicolored, many-styled national costumes,” Hine observed. Copyright and other proprietary rights in material on this site may be held by individuals or entities other than or in addition to VMFA.

It sounds weird, but I feel that I have benefitted from being raised the way I was raised because my siblings and I forced a new perspective onto them, and they find the views that Albanians still hold to be ridiculous. They realize that what they once believed was with what they had been brainwashed. The only ways it set me back was when I was younger, and I felt suffocated by such nonsense ideas.

We gotta cook, clean, raise the kids, stay home, not voice our opinion, etc etc. We are seen as the weak gender, when in fact we are the STRONGEST. Growing up in a negative environment has played a role in our anxiety, depression, and trauma, but it has also made us stronger and ready to break this toxic cycle. When it comes to cleaning, and dressing appropriately depending on the environment, and speaking within the norms, and being nice to others. Parents who truly love you and aren’t using you as a means to right their past wrongs or live out their dreams through you will never impose rules from centuries ago onto you.

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Compared to a lot of other people I know, my parents seem like a rare case. A lot of Albanian families who leave Albania still hold onto their ignorance, and when my parents were like that, it was because they only stayed in a circle of Albanians, limiting their vision to the same bullshit they carried from back home.

And even if you don’t care, like me, the pressure keeps playing its role in your mind. But I feel it anyway, because that worry was born in my head a long time ago. The idea that the woman is the object of the man is still there. A thing that a father decides to give away or not.

12 May 2017 Updated country policy and information notes on sexual orientation and gender identity and ethnic minority groups. 3 January 2018 Updated note on women fearing domestic abuse. Country policy and information notes are used by UK Visas and Immigration officials to make decisions in asylum and human rights applications. Guidance used by UK Visas and Immigration to make decisions in asylum and human rights applications. Since the time at which Albanians women first gained the right to vote in 1945,their situation has changed significantly in Albania.

That is what leads many to get married after a short time of knowing each other, because it often happens that a girl’s father appears and tells the boy to decide what to do — get married or stop — because his daughter is not a toy. Times have changed and you don’t hear about cases like those anymore — at least, I hope not. The pressure exerted by the family and relatives conditions you and leads you to make such a decision. In Kosovo, marriage is seen differently, there’s no concept of taking your time before making such a decision; on the contrary, you are pressured to hurry up and do it.

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At the Place de l’Yser in Brussels, Eva is one of those women who reached that conclusion. She first lived in Belgium for five years with her fiance-cum-pimp, until he disappeared with all their money.

In Italy, when people talked about marriage, I heard phrases like, “Be calm, it’s an important step, you have to think about it 1,000 times.” This is something I’ve never heard from my people yet. I grew up in Italy, and more than 90% of the girls I saw every day were Italian.

In most Albanian families, women and men are treated completely different. They’re seen as an “object”, and are expected to do as told.

Now, it’s so amazing to be able to have a conversation with parents who can now think for themselves because of the diversity to which they have been exposed. Although I have a different nationality, but I’ve seen the fact you discussed about in my family and it really hurts. Specially the guys of these cultural types feel so responsible for the feelings of their family and falling in love turns into a big and unsolvable moral dilemma. All these things are considered more important than a person’s happiness by our people.

Maria, the woman who was forced into prostitution in Greece, is following that path. Diana Kaso, executive director of the Another Vision centre albanian girl in Elbasan, says that 80% of the women who go through its rehabilitation programmes aim to rebuild their lives away from their home towns.

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